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Oh wow, hi guys... Um... It's been a while, yeah it's been, it's been a while.. ^^;

My life has been so hectic recently honestly, everything is happening and I don't know if I like it or not... This is going to be a REEEEEEEEAAAALLLLY LOOOONG journal entry so you don't have to read it if you don't want to, litterally stop reading now. BUT, if you do chose to read it then I love you, and you get a free virtual cookie!

Since my last update I have been to 3 more concerts, and yes Ashestoangels was one of them, obviously.

Back in November time, the 22nd to be exact. The 22nd November. I went to see two bands who I thought I'd never get the chance to see.
30 Seconds To Mars and You Me At Six.
Both of those bands are pretty big, and because of that, I thought I'd never get the chance to see them, and especially not in my hometown..... Boy, was I wrong! They came to Plymouth! They came to the Plymouth Pavillions, which is like madness! And of course, I went to see them, obviously.

You Me At Six were great, they were brilliant actually. I actually enjoyed them more than the main act, but I am a bigger fan of You Me At Six than I am of 30 Seconds To Mars so...
30 Seconds To Mars were on stage for a good 3 hours. 3 FUCKING HOURS. Personally, I think You Me At Six should have had a longer set. They were only on for like 45 minutes, I know they were the only the support act, but still...

During 30 Seconds To Mars' set, there was balloons flying everywhere, all over the crowd. and if these balloons were to pop, then confetti would rain everywhere all over the crowd (including me, I was still finding confetti in my hair the day after the gig!) As well as during Up In The Air, where Jared Leto got a whole bunch of people up on the stage, I wasn't even remotely close to the front, nope I was right in the middle. Next to the mosh pits, yay. One of my friends got up on stage though, bless her :') You Me At Six are coming back here in April, so obviously I'm going to see them again. 45 minutes was not long enough!

ANYWAY, moving on. I had a one day break. One day to recover before attending yet another concert! OH YES! This time, I went to see Mallory Knox, with support from Blitz Kids and The Crooks in The White Rabbit. I was at the front for this one (Obviously, I'm always at the front for White Rabbit shows) The Crooks were quite good, better than I expected. This gig was sweaty as fuck too, like honestly, it was a sold out show, I think more than sold out! As soon as Blitz Kids came on, EVERYONE started pushing, pushing like the end of the world. Being right at the front, I was being pushed RIGHT against the barrier, and boy did that hurt! My hips and knees were badly bruised for at least 3 weeks after that gig. Wow.. But Blitz Kids were fantastic! Lots of pushing and crowd surfers. Then it was time for Mallory Knox. I can't even begin to explain the pushing that took place when Mallory took to the stage, my god, I was being pushed practically OVER the barrier. Personal space? What's that? Gig's don't have none of that! Mallory Knox were fantasitc, better than I thought they'd be, I remember when the bassist jumped into the crowd but misjudged everything and my friend, Kirsty literally had her back bending over the barrier, like it looked like her back was going to snap! She's okay, don't worry :) So that was fantastic, and then I had a week to recover before yet another gig! This one was Ashestoangels! YES!

This would be the last time I would see Ashestoangels this year, and I knew it. This gig was my most successful out of all the gigs I've ever been too. FIRSTLY, I was so much more confidence than I usually am, like honestly, I was so talkative (TO STRANGERS), it was so not like me, but I was happy that I was talking to people. I made so many new friends this night, and I met so many different band members without being totally shy about it.

6th December 2013.
Ashestoangels, DEAD, Evilyn and Heaven's Asunder.

I had a VIP ticket (obviously) so I got access to soundcheck (plus a free Ashes t-shirt designed by the amazing Kagoe ) plus hang out time with the band. During the soundcheck, Crilly decided to defy the rules and go under the barrier that was there to separate them from the fans, and since I was right at the front of that said barrier, I had Crilly singing right in my face for at least 2 minutes of the song, and the song was Chases, their new single, wheeeeeyyy. But litterally, Crilly's face was like 2cm away from mine and I swear to God, resisting to do inappropriate things to his face was extremely difficult, but it was amazing. After soundcheck, we had about 20 minutes to hang with the band. I spent some time with Nico, and mainly spent time with Crilly, who as soon as I asked for a hug, he kinda, sorta picked me up and carried me out of the venue like; "No, who let you in here? you have to leave now." Thanks for that, Crillz.

Then the show, the show was amazing, (I was at the front, obviously) Heaven's Asunder were first up, they were good. Far better than I expected. I was just watching their guitarist during the whole set, (his name is Lewis btw :3) I was watching him play his guitar, and my God.. his fingers were moving sooo fast, I wish I could do that! Wow!

Evilyn were next. I LOVE THIS BAND ARGH! These guys supported Ashestoangels the last time they were here I loved them then, and I still love them now. Last time however, I didn't get to meet them (because I was too nervous -_-) BUT THIS TIME I MADE SURE I MET THEM ALL AND THEY ARE ALL SO LOVELY AND AMAZING, HONESTLY WHAT WAS I SO FUCKING NERVOUS ABOUT?! THEIR JUST AS SILLY AS ME. Honestly, their set was great! and I got given the Evilyn setlist by Luke, thier bassist, WHICH, by the way I got them all to sign afterwards, yay signed setlist! Luke, was so fucking drunk. He started singing love songs to Troy... It was... disturbing but fun :) Kept bumping into Ryder, their singer thoughout the night, he's an absoloute darling. I love him. James, the guitarist was quite wierd, which is always good. Danny, the other guitarist, is so photogenic, and he's so quite, aww <3, Gio, the drummer... Oh man, that man is hilarious! Writing his signature on the set list in big letters like; "GIO. THE BEST!" Love you, Gio.

DEAD were on next, or StayClassyStayDead, whichever you prefer. Their the same band so ;P DEAD were good, I didn't really know much about this band, but they were good and raised my expectations. They put on a great show! I met their singer after the show and had a full blown conversation with him about how he like's Plymouth and I was like "Try living here, you will hate it." and when I told him I've seen Ashestoangels 6 times now alone in Plymouth only, ah he was great! I met the famous Sam Matlock, or Right-Handed Falkor., DEAD's guitarist, who is a total wierdo, my favourite type of person, pulling a pufferfish derp face for my photo with him, thanks for that.

Ashestoangels were next. ERHTGYUIEHGURYHFNVECA ASDFGHJKLGFYEUJTWYHAJF They came out on stage bursting with energy as always, and right away I had Crilly singing into my face and camera, bouncing around, climbing on the crowd and everything! Falkor was particually fantastic this night! Crowd-surfing while maintaining his guitar playing, he was playing guitar while being carried by the mass of fans, amazing. Nico was at the other side of the stage and I barely saw him :/ I knew he was giving it his all anyway! and Jim, beating those drums like fuck, he always gives 110%

After the show, spent some time with Nico. He was amazing, I couldn't find Jim :/ And when I did find him, he was crowded with people and Jade, there was no way I could get to him. Got several hugs from Crilly and I kept interupting him from packing away the instruments and other shits into his van. Opps :3 Got picked up by Falkor, which was a surprise, I wasn't expecting it so I actually said "Shit, what the..?!" before I realised and was totally fine with it. :meow: He put me down after the photo had been taken, sad... :( All in all, fucking fantastic and I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat! Was really proud of myself for being so so so so confident, like that totally wasn't like me. And I'm sad now because I don't know when I'm going to see my favorite goths again :'( Crycry.

I formed a band with a couple of mates, and we're talking of rehearsing and practicing real soon, and I'm real excited, I'm finally making my dream come true, and it's thanks to my band mates helping me along :') I love you Billi, Troy, and Jake.

It's been a heck of a year, and I'm hoping 2014 is only going to bring good things for my band and for gigs to attend. And if you've read this far, then I love you :)

Merry Fucking Christmas, Fuckers! :peace:


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